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about us

hiSbe is a new independent supermarket that’s standing up for
how it Should be and these are some of the ways we’re different:

hiSbe is a social enterprise on a mission to do what’s right,     not just make money.

that’s how it Should be.

A happy supermarket chain for the 21st century!

hiSbe stands for “how it Should be” and thinks supermarkets should be doing business in a more responsible way. Our purpose is to help make the food industry more fair and sustainable.

That starts with us selling better products from the brands and producers that care. Because what you buy matters; every pound you spend is either a vote for how it is or how it Should be.

When you shop at a hiSbe store you’re using your Shopper Power to vote for a better food industry! We’re not another health-food or whole-foods store though; we sell normal, recognisable products that people on average budgets and everyday diets buy.

We’re about affordable food that is as local, healthy, natural, sustainable, GM and pesticide-free, fairly traded, high welfare, seasonal, minimally packaged, ethically produced and responsibly sourced as possible!

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pilot store

hiSbe Food has been operating as a self-funded CIC (Community Interest Company) for the last couple of years. We’ve been shining a light on the food industry, informing shoppers, championing food campaigns and working with organisations, groups and individuals to devise a new and fairer business model for retailing food; hiSbe Food Stores.

The Brighton Pilot Store is the biggest and most involved work we’ve undertaken since hiSbe began. Whilst we’ve all got used to seeing the big supermarkets open new stores in a matter of months, the reality of starting a supermarket from scratch meant we had to get creative!

Being a start-up social enterprise made it very difficult to get investment from the traditional high street banks, so we came up with a funding model that mobilised a large group of people to help make hiSbe happen.

We started fundraising in April and raised £200,000 to build and stock the pilot store through a mixture of crowd-funding, selling shares and accepting small loans from individuals.

We are also proud to have financial support from Triodos, the pioneering ethical bank, and from Gordon Roddick, Co-Founder of The Body Shop.

Together we’ve been working on a new kind of supermarket; building a store that feels great to be in and creating solutions to the unsustainable ways that the big supermarkets do business.

Our coffee bar, takeaway food pods and non-food items all exist to support us in making fresh food and groceries more affordable, pay our suppliers fairly and pay our staff above the Living Wage.

What can you expect from your new hiSbe store?

Keep watching this page for updates!

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the hiSbe way

at hiSbe we think that putting happiness first is a route to a more responsible, fair and sustainable food industry.

so we consider the happiness of people, animals and the planet when it comes to sourcing our products.

for a happy community

for happy growing

for a happy planet

for happy farmers

for happy animals

for happy seas

for a happy environment

for happy bodies


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buying hiSbe vouchers

you can help support hiSbe and at the same time save money on your shopping by buying our vouchers.

Every £10 you spend buys you £12 off your shopping.

For £10 you’ll receive a sheet made up of 5 vouchers:

1 voucher worth £5 off when you spend £35,
2 vouchers worth £2.50 off when you spend £20
and 2 vouchers worth £1 off when you spend £10.

Before we started the refit of the store, we held a very successful crowd-funding campaign with Buzzbnk, where hundreds of people contributed to the cost of setting up the hiSbe store.

We raised over £30,000 and you can find out more about it here. We still have a limited amount of vouchers available from the campaign, so if you want to save money on your shopping you can buy them here.

How many sheets of discount vouchers do you want?

If you would like to lend hiSbe money please contact us at
for full details of returns, benefits and terms.

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York Place Store:
20-21 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU
Get directions with Google Maps

01273 608028

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