Helping the independents fight back!

Posted on 13 Sep 2011 in Guest Blog | 0 comments

PJ taste was established by Peter and John in 2006 to showcase the best local food in a simple grab and go café style. The aim was to produce food with real taste derived from the authenticity and seasonality of produce. Their commitment to local and ethical food has been maintained and developed over time. Here Peter […]

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Farm-yard or Factory-line?

Posted on 12 Sep 2011 in Protect Nature, Think Welfare | 0 comments

Brits like their meat: at least 93% of the UK population eat meat and one-in-five of us are eating it every day. That’s a lot of animals and the food industry uses intensive factory farming to rear animals for meat in order to manage all this demand. However, animal welfare organisations, like CIWF and WSPA, […]

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“Change your Tuna!”

Posted on 08 Sep 2011 in Save Fish, Support Ethical | 0 comments

Who isn’t partial to a tuna sandwich?! We Brits love our tinned tuna and the UK is its second largest consumer in the world. When we buy tuna there are many brands to choose from and, like anything else we buy, when we go for a particular brand we are endorsing the way that company […]

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Organic. Is it really better?

Posted on 01 Sep 2011 in Protect Nature | 0 comments

The 1st of September kicks off a month’s celebration and promotion of Organic food by the industry. It’s a great time to think about what Organic is all about and the connection between what we eat and the impact that food has on our health, the planet and the people and animals we share it […]

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