A pigging awful business

Posted on 28 Nov 2011 in Support Ethical, Think Welfare | 0 comments

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Last week we popped up to London to meet the team behind the movement that produced a brilliant documentary named Pig Business, calling for “Food from farms, not factories”.

Some people might wrongly assume that the point of this film is to “turn you vegetarian” by trying to put you off eating meat. But this isn’t just about animal welfare, although of course we should care about whether the animals reared for us to eat are treated humanely whilst they’re alive.

Pig Business in it’s broadest sense is about the subject very closest to hiSbe‘s heart – how a culture of profit before people in today’s food industry is harming our health and communities, animal welfare, producers here and abroad, and the environment.

The film does a great job of exposing the true costs of producing food on an industrial scale, as experienced by those involved in or affected by pork production.

Pig Business explains that the most serious impacts of factory farming fall into four main areas: threatening our health, polluting the environment, wrecking rural communities and abusing animals.

We recommend watching the film if you eat any kind of meat products or want to better understand how intensive farming practices are unsustainable and destructive.

Their website has detailed information about the issues, and the actions you can take to help affect change. As with so many of the problems in today’s food industry, your choices really make a big difference.

Choosing meat from animals that have been reared outdoors on British farms and fed an organic diet is best. There’s also advice on buying local, sustainable, high welfare pork in the Consumer Action section of the Pig Business website.

We are delighted to support and hero the efforts of Pig Business. Support Ethical and Think Welfare are two of hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices, which are all about making simple decisions that move us towards a more sustainable food system – one that puts People BEFORE Profit.

Here’s a trailer for the film:

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