Who are the Number One Wasters?

Posted on 25 Jan 2012 in End Waste | 0 comments

Most of us feel bad when we bin food, so it’s pretty shocking how much we do it! Food waste has become such a big problem that the European Parliament is taking steps to halve food waste by 2025. The 27 countries of the EU throw away up to 50% of their edible and healthy […]

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Time for a Big Freeze?

Posted on 17 Jan 2012 in Protect Nature | 1 comment

The use of genetic engineering into our food is a hot topic! For hiSbe, the issue is not the science itself, it’s about how it’s being used… It’s crucial to explore innovative ways to feed people healthily and protect the planet at the same time. However, to date, the genetic modification of plants and animals for […]

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Nice one Lumley!

Posted on 09 Jan 2012 in Think Welfare | 0 comments

We Brits pride ourselves on being a nation of animal lovers and, as Joanna Lumley says in this video, “people hate to see animals suffering.” But often we are just not aware of how animals are treated and what we can do about it. This is why Joanna is speaking up against the cruel practise […]

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Getting fussy about fish

Posted on 05 Dec 2011 in Save Fish | 0 comments

It’s time we got fussy about fish! The European Commission has just launched this “choose your fish” campaign to encourage people to “think sustainable” when they buy fish in shops and restaurants. What’s the fuss about fish? More than 70% of Europe’s fish stocks are overfished and some species are rapidly nearing extinction. This is […]

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Growing your local food economy

Posted on 17 Nov 2011 in Guest Blog | 0 comments

This guest blog is by Flavrbox. Flavrbox allows you to buy food direct from the farmer. We always hear talk about the global economy that doesn’t seem to ever leave us feeling too optimistic. We put our trust in our leaders but sometimes it feels like the problem’s even too big for them. There’s no […]

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