We can all help end Factory Farming

Posted on 20 Jun 2011 in Think Welfare | 3 comments

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This is a fantastic interview with CEO of Compassion in World Farming Philip Lymbery clearly explaining why there must be an end to Factory Farming in favour of humane and sustainable food and farming.

“Think Welfare” is one of hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices because by choosing to eat better quality meat less often we can all help bring about that sustainable food system more quickly.

We can also take action by joining the worldwide movement Meat Free Monday and supporting the efforts of Compassion in World Farming by signing the 8 hours petition, to make the transporting of animals a little more humane.

Big congratulations to everyone who works for and with Compassion for winning Campaigner Of The Year at The Observer Ethical Awards 2011 – if animals could clap there would be deafening applause throughout the country!

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  1. Jeremy Boxall / June 20th, 2011 13:01

    Can factory farming and humane and sustainable food and farming be one of the same thing? If not why not.


  2. Jan Townsend / June 20th, 2011 13:23

    I think it’s a great idea to have at least one meat free day a week but which idiot chose Monday? I do a roast dinner on Sunday and have left over meat to use up at the beginning of the week. I try to only eat a small amount of meat so a chicken roasted on Sunday will be used for a risotto on Monday and a curry on Tuesday, with the odd sandwich on both days.

    How about changing it to Meat Free Wednesday or Thursday?


    • Amy / June 20th, 2011 15:24

      Thanks Jan, we agree that Monday was a funny choice for the reasons you’ve mentioned, they probably just went for Monday hoping that because it starts with an “M” and so chimes with Meat Free that it would be a bit more memorable for people. It’s a global thing now so don’t suppose they’ll change it even though it would make sense to!

      The concept and the impact is more important than the day, so we would encourage people to choose a day that works best for their family!


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