Do they think we’re daft?!

Posted on 14 Apr 2011 in Avoid Processed | 0 comments

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You only have to google the words “Bread” “Frozen” and “Supermarkets” to read up on all the articles in the press recently about how supermarkets are duping customers into buying “fresh” bread and bakery products that in fact have been sitting in freezers for up to a year or more.

It seems in most of these articles the supermarkets’ defence is that they don’t want to “confuse” customers by clearly labelling the products that are defrosted, so they let us happily carry on buying products that we trust are fresh – and then we’re left wondering why it all goes stale so quickly.

It’s so nice that supermarkets don’t want to confuse us – how kind of them to consider that we struggle to process simple concepts like fresh and frozen.

We want a bit of honesty, please.

They help us out in this way a lot, not just with bakery goods but with labelling of lots of different products, use of pretty pictures of happy farms, union jacks, smiling producers, low fat claims etc.

Is that really how it Should be? Are they saving confusion or are they just telling lies?

As we discussed in this week’s video journal, we can all tell supermarkets what we expect of them with the choices we make when we’re shopping.

What do you think, should there be stricter rules around labelling and marketing claims in the supermarkets?


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