Local? Seasonal? Organic? What’s it all about and why bother?!!

Posted on 22 Mar 2011 in Choose Seasonal, Go Local, Protect Nature | 0 comments

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It’s easy to get lost in all these terms around how food is made and where it comes from… you’ve got factory farming, free-range, mass produced, organic farming, local produce, buying seasonal, British made, carbon footprint, food miles, etc to think about.

Then it gets even more confusing when you go into a store and see it all lined up in front of you and you have to choose! How can you choose when it’s not clear what it means?

So we love it when we come across fact-based but simple explanations done in an interesting way… like this one. Bonnie at the Soil Association emailed us today with this four minute film. This was produced for the Food For Life Partnership, who are revolutionising school meals and do some fantastic work to get kids involved in growing and cooking food.

The way food is made has a big impact on the environment. So when we buy something made a certain way (say, choosing organic milk over the supermarket’s brand milk) we are voting for it to be done that way and therefore our choices affect the environment.

Thanks Bonnie – and to everyone involved in the video.

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