The only way is Ethics!

Posted on 14 Nov 2011 in Support Ethical | 0 comments

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hiSbe has long admired Ethical Consumer for their dedication to challenging what big companies get up to and pressuring businesses to do the right thing. It seems they will happily take on anyone, on every product you can think of, from clothes and cars to PCs and bras!

For over 20 years Ethical Consumer has been researching and cataloguing the social and environmental records of companies and turning data into user-friendly guides for people, to help us make informed choices about the products we buy.

We particularly like their carrot and stick approach to improving standards in business…

The carrot (“positive buying”): they hero the companies that have socially responsible and ethical ways of doing things, which encourages the whole industry to do better.

The stick: they name and shame the companies that put profit before people and do real harm, thereby creating negative publicity and boycotts.

If there’s one thing that makes companies re-think what they’re doing, it’s negative publicity and boycotts!

We often use Ethical Consumer as a reference for checking which brands get it right in food. You can do the same, because they have a wealth of information available online for many different types of food and drink, from baked beans to beer. They give products a carefully researched “ethiscore” and clearly show which brands do best.

At hiSbe we think that us shoppers have enormous power to make businesses take proper responsibility for the impact they have on society, the planet and the people and animals we share it with. Every purchase has an impact and every positive change we make creates a positive difference.

Like Ethical Consumer says, “Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help in the struggle towards a better world.”


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