How did meat get so cheap?

Posted on 11 Apr 2011 in Think Welfare | 0 comments

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The subject of meat came up recently on the hiSbe Facebook page and again in the hiSbe LinkedIn group. Some people, like Mandi and Steph, told us they will only buy local meat from independent butchers because they want to know and trust where it comes from.

The reason why people get fussy over meat is that a LOT of supermarket meat is high on crap and low on goodness! (Remember the hiSbe blog “when is a sausage not a sausage?” where Alex Riley shows us that a sausage only legally needs to be 32% actual meat?)

The problem is the food industry wants to sell as many meat products as possible and, in order to make it something we can afford every day, they’ve made meat very cheap.

The way to make meat very cheap is by intensive factory farming of animals and by padding out the decent meat contents with poor quality stuff, like in the sausage example. This has some nasty implications for the environment and the animals’ living conditions and ultimately it gives us bad food, which can harm our health.

This video from Compassion in World Farming gives a good explanation of how meat got so cheap and what it means for us all. We like this vid because it sticks to the facts and shows the reality of factory farming without being shocking and OTT.

So sometimes things can be too cheap – and meat is one of those things…

The solution for many people is to slowly get into the habit of eating less meat, but choose better quality stuff. You can also see our latest video journal for tips on how to identify the better quality meat products in the supermarket.

But if you want to be 100% sure what goes into your meat, take a leaf out of Mandi’s and Steph’s book and go local!



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