Taxing the fat

Posted on 04 Oct 2011 in Avoid Processed | 2 comments

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With more than 60% of adults in the UK currently classified as overweight or obese, is it time to follow the lead of other European countries and introduce a “fat tax”?

As this article from the Financial Times explains, Denmark has added a tax to foods based on how much saturated fat a product contains, and Hungary has introduced a tax on fizzy drinks and snacks.

So, with obesity related health issues costing the UK economy £16 billion (with concerns that it could grown to £50 billion by 2050), is the answer to charge people more money if they want to eat crap food?

Will poorer consumers end up worse off, or could this be the catalyst needed to recognise the impact of our choices, and make some long overdue changes to our country’s health?

A tax like this could help to pay for the huge ongoing cost of treating people with diabetes, heart problems etc., but does it amount to treating the symptom rather than the cause and letting the producers of harmful food off scot-free?

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  1. Mel / October 5th, 2011 10:47

    Education is needed not tax! If people realised that the real problem here is the amount of processed rubbish that is being consumed, especially the chemical, trans fatty muck disguised in its ‘low fat, low calorie’ packaging.
    Re introduce the diet from the good old ‘pre low fat, calorie’ days where people have a variety of ‘real’ foods that are born of the land, and not ‘invented’ in a lab.
    And how ironic that these huge multi million pound companies that invent and supply these foods are in some cases the one and the same huge multi million pound company that supply the pharmaceuticals to treat the conditions caused by the very same foods.
    Surely this is just another government ploy to make yet more money from its processed food fuelled and addicted people :(


  2. Sharon / March 12th, 2012 20:41

    Hi Ladies,

    First of all well done on your cause I thoroughly approve. I am following you on Twitter and look forward to seeing you flourish. Your principals are sound.

    On taxing fat: I will personally rally a protest and throw large lumps of lard at number 10’s door if they do this. Tax vegetable oils, trans fats, hydrogenated fats, margarines by all means. Leave butter, lard, dripping, duck fat, goose fat, coconut oil and olive oil alone thank you very much! These, contrary to current “health advice” are good for you and the whole “cholesterol is bad for you” mantra is so very wrong.

    I am 100% for tax on sugar though.


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