Growing your local food economy

Posted on 17 Nov 2011 in Guest Blog | 0 comments

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This guest blog is by Flavrbox. Flavrbox allows you to buy food direct from the farmer.

We always hear talk about the global economy that doesn’t seem to ever leave us feeling too optimistic. We put our trust in our leaders but sometimes it feels like the problem’s even too big for them. There’s no quick fix but what if we didn’t look at the big picture for once?

What if we tried to improve things in our own local communities first? For that we do have a quick fix; buy local food – and here’s why:

• Local foods mean the big supermarkets don’t get a cut
A monopsony is a market structure where there is one buyer (a big supermarket) who has the power to set a price to the sellers (farmers). With that kind of power, they can exploit farmers by setting a low price for their produce whilst also taking a slice for themselves.

• Buying local food regenerates money in the local economy
By spending money in the local economy you create a multiplier effect in the local economy when famers and producers spend their income on other local businesses. If these local businesses spend their increased income on other local businesses, this could continue in a process creating benefits in the local community.

• Local food supports local workers
By spending your money on local producers it helps them make a living and supports their families. Buying local food can be just as easy as going down to your local farmer’s market. But it’s not so easy when we have to find time in our hectic schedules. So here’s a solution for you: Flavrbox.

Flavrbox is an online farmer’s market with your local food on your laptop and delivered by the producer straight to your door. Flavrbox enables the producers to make the high margins, not the supermarkets, whilst decreasing carbon emissions by not importing from outside the UK and supporting the local economy.

This idea of buying directly from farmers is brilliantly summed up by the Flavrbox farmer in this video, Luke Hasell from Bristol, whose motto is “Shake the hand that feeds you!”

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