Breaking News: Goats are flying!

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Flying on to British plates that is. There’s been a boom in demand at butchers and farmers markets, and Goat dishes are popping up on restaurant menus across the UK.

Some sources say goat accounts for around 80% of the total meat consumed worldwide.
One thing is clear: we in Britain are eating more of the bearded billy than ever before.

Goat meat has long had a reputation as a chewy, strong flavoured meat but turns out it’s not “goaty” after all – it’s tender when cooked correctly and tastes like lamb when hot, or beef when cold.

Boer goats are bred just for meat and are different from their dairy cousins. There are 15 farms and 150 breeders across the UK producing high quality meat from Boer goats who roam freely and are often reared organically.

It has less cholesterol and fat than both lamb and beef, about the same amount of calories as chicken (although less fat ounce for ounce), and is higher in iron than all three.

According to this short article in the Independent, as well as being leaner, it’s also cheaper than lamb.

As with all food, it’s important to know where your goat meat has come from, as remind us:

“Please be aware that goats can no more be produced cheaply in a humane fashion than chickens can be produced humanely for supermarkets to sell 2 for £5………….Please make sure when purchasing goat meat from other suppliers that you are actually buying good quality traceable meat from a reputable source. If a butcher is unable or unwilling to tell you the supplier you should question its authenticity.”

Think Welfare is one of hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices, because consuming better quality meat less often is an important part of sustainable eating.


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