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Posted on 11 Jul 2011 in Avoid Processed, Go Local | 5 comments

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A healthy, nutritious sandwich that stays fresh for 14 days? Like Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true”.

Have you ever kept a piece of bread for 14 days? Probably not because it would be minging, and blue/green with mould – yuck. But munching that might be preferable to one of these nasty little creations captured here by the Telegraph.

Apparently the sandwich is kept “fresh” because of a special “protective atmosphere” within the packaging, containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Now, I’m no scientist, but does that really sound like how it Should be to you?

The supermarkets bang on about meeting consumer demand (even if that means selling us stuff that’s full of chemicals, additives and other ingredients that really shouldn’t be eaten). But honestly, what customer wants a 14 day old sandwich?

Exactly, nobody.

This is about profit before people, as usual – using food technologists to create things that look and (sometimes) taste like they’re meant to, but contain poor quality ingredients and worse.

So, why not give your lunch money to the independent sandwich shop rather than the supermarket today?
You can watch them make your sandwich in front of you, and chat about the ingredients they’re putting in it so you know what you’re eating. You’ll also be supporting your local economy, and odds on it’ll cost about the same but taste a lot better.

Avoid Processed and Go Local are two of hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices.

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  1. Jo / July 11th, 2011 15:13

    Personally I think I’d rather pick the green bits off a 3 day old regular sandwich and toast it to make it edible, than eat something that has such a long ‘life’. It can’t be right.


  2. laurence / July 11th, 2011 21:03

    burkkkkkk!!!!!!! Do you believe the guy that invented it will eat it? I am sure he wont!!!


  3. Matt / July 12th, 2011 12:31

    Hmmm, yeah, I rarely buy a pre-packaged sandwich cos they never look that nice in the first place! Much prefer to get one made in front of me, like you say…

    I’d be interested to know the background of this though, especially the affects of pumping those gases in there! Saving on food waste is a really good idea, but there have to be better ways than this?


  4. David Pye / July 12th, 2011 17:02

    Hey guys great post as always! Here at TGM HQ we think its about time peeps signed up to The Green Marine’s Lunch Box Charter http://thegreenmarine.com/fun-​stuff and avoided this sort of stuff completely – making your own butties! You can find out more about The Green Marine by visiting us on Facebook http://t.co/CBUzdP8 have fun!


  5. meg / July 16th, 2011 1:08

    I used to buy one of the “natural” breads off the supermarket shelf because I thought it was better than regular bread but I went out of town for a week and left part of the loaf on the counter. When I returned the bread looked exactly the same. This disturbed me. I left it there another week. Nothing changed. I tossed it out and haven’t bought supermarket bread since. I started buying bread from my local farmer’s market and after 4 days the end pieces start getting moldy. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see mold. Real food spoils.


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