The Danes Mar-mite have got it wrong

Posted on 25 May 2011 in Avoid Processed | 1 comment

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“Marmite is a brownish vegetable extract with a toxic odor, saline taste and an axle grease consistency that has somehow captivated the British.” Warren Hoge, New York Times.

So Denmark has banned Marmite? What’s that all about?

Whether you fall into the “love it” or “hate it” camp it seems a bit strange that a whole country would feel strongly enough about it to remove it from all it’s supermarket shelves. So why have they?

The Danish food authorities have strict rules about food containing additives, and have banned various products that hide secret nasties, but masquerade as harmless, or even healthy (a word that we should all be highly suspicious of on food packaging!).

So what’s wrong with Marmite? Well, personal taste preferences aside, absolutely nothing. In fact it’s very good for you. It’s got loads of B vitamins, and folic acid and lots of other vitamins that it’s not always easy to get from elsewhere.

But when anything is “fortified” with something, it rightly raises eyebrows amongst food boffins. Some cereal manufacturers have been able to market their products as healthy for years, when in reality they’ve just thrown a load of vitamins and iron in at the end (fortified) to distract us from the fact that the “cereal” is so over processed that none of it’s original goodness remains, and the product is more sugar and salt than anything of substance.

So, what do you think about Denmark’s food authorities keeping such a close eye on what’s going into the food that the public buys? Ok, they may have got it wrong this time, but is it right that ingredients of foodstuffs and processed food are closely monitored?


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One comment

  1. Emma / May 27th, 2011 9:03

    Utter madness.


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