Who’s winning the fight against mega dairies?

Posted on 15 Apr 2011 in Think Welfare | 0 comments

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In the blog “why is milk cheaper than water?” hiSbe looked at how the obsession with knocking a few pence off the price of milk forces British dairy farmers to sell milk to supermarkets for less than it costs them to make it.

Well, it’s because of this situation that some big guns in industrial farming are trying introduce American style “mega dairies” into Britain. Mega dairies are designed to produce even more output from the animals at the lowest possible cost. The facilities contain 1000’s of cows instead of 100’s. Cows get milked much more frequently, spend far less time outside and live shorter lives… and can you even imagine the waste and pollution created?

Last year, Nocton Dairies announced their plan to open a mega dairy in Lincolnshire. A coalition of environmental and animal rights groups fought for a year to keep them out until Nocton Dairies withdrew their plan in Feb 2011.

So who’s winning the fight against mega-dairies? Well so far it’s 1-0.

0- People who think milk should be produced as cheaply as mechanically possible, full stop
1- People who get that we need to consider the harmful knock-on costs for the animals, the environment & farming

The problem is that Nocton won’t the last to try scaling up dairy production to the next level. This article says it all about the fight against mega-dairies and why we need to keep these huge “industrialised animal feeding systems” out of Britain. The worry is, if one gets in, it will immediately become the acceptable norm.

What can we do?

hiSbe recommends supporting the “Not in my Cuppa” campaign, which represents the public’s voice. It’s run by The World Society for the Protection of Animals and was an important part of the effort against Nocton Dairies. The Not in My Cuppa campaign will keep going on and on to show the mega dairy boys that people care about the knock-on costs of intensive factory farming.

If you are into this and want to do something about it, then follow them on the links below and, most importantly, sign their petition so your voice is heard.

Not in My Cuppa website: www.notinmycuppa.com petition to sign

Not in My Cuppa Facebook page: Not in my cuppa

Not in My Cuppa Twitter handle: @notinmycuppa


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