What’s hot for July?

Posted on 14 Jul 2011 in Choose Seasonal | 0 comments

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Food meets Fashion as our roving blogger is asked, “What’s hot for July?”

The perfect Summer combo!

Well I often get asked questions like this, being a diehard fashionista and all(!), so here goes…

What’s is season right now is bright colours, crisp whites, turbans, animal print, tangerine, mid calf hems, neon green, man bags, apples, blueberries, spinach, carrots, aubergines, cauliflower, cherries and, er, peaches.

Yes, food is like fashion dahhhlings – it comes in seasons!


We’ve got so used to the supermarkets having any fruit and veg we could possibly want on their shelves all year round it’s easy to forget that different food grows naturally at different times of year. However, as our blog on strawberries shows, when you start producing food artificially or airfreighting it all over the world there are knock-on costs to people and to the environment.

Now it’s not about completely going without our favourite foods, it’s about enjoying them when they are at their best, naturally grown in their natural season. Making the most of the fruit and vegetables that are in season here means we rely less on flying stuff in from abroad, which is why CHOOSE SEASONAL is one of the hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices.

The best places we have found to follow what’s in season are: START, who give great tips for a more sustainable lifestyle and Well Seasoned, who are into “food for the here and now.”

Think like a fashionista – live for the season!


Fruit dress by clairebearpear, at deviantart.com


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