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Posted on 21 Jun 2011 in Save Fish | 0 comments

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Have you noticed all the fuss about fish over the last 6 months?!

There was a time when none of us really thought much about what went into catching the fish on our plate, but this year we’ve seen some very high profile campaigns taking on the way things are done in the fishing industry.

Hugh’s Fish Fight, Project Ocean and Greenpeace have been showing us the shocking levels of over-fishing, waste and polluting going on in the World’s waters.

Today the industry is overfishing at an unsustainable rate, promoting destructive fishing practises and neglecting to protect ecosystems and fish stocks properly. We’re on a path that leads to the extinction of many fish types and irreversible environmental damage.

Things need to change and these campaigns have been working hard to get the Government, the EU, big fish brands and retailers to take note and start acting responsibly on fish… and the “people power” approach is working: they are changing sourcing policies.

But what else can WE do? The best thing we can do is to get clued up and choose sustainably sourced fish when we’re shopping and when we’re eating out. It might look like a tricky area to navigate, so we recommend the Marine Conservation Society’s on line fish guide. They have everything you need to know on there.

When we know better we can do better and when we do better the industry responds. That’s why Save Fish is one of hiSbe‘s 8 Everyday Choices we can make for a more healthy, sustainable food system.


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