“Fuel Britannia!”

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We’re celebrating British farmers!

Since the 1960’s our food system has been made ever-more industrialised, mass-produced and globalised by politics and powerful companies. There’s been a shift from farm-yards to factory-lines as the major supermarkets and big food companies have consistently pushed farmers to make more food, more cheaply and more quickly…

That’s why much of the food that we used to make here in Britain is now imported from huge suppliers abroad. As a result, many British farmers have gone out of business. Others have had to change the way they do business in order to survive and, even so, they get an average of only 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket.

Nevertheless, British farming today remains a significant body and, nationally, there are more than 300,000 active farms in Britain, employing a workforce of more than 526,000 people, taking care of the countryside and still contributing 60% of the food that we eat.

British-farmingAt hiSbe, we champion British farmers because eating locally produced and seasonal fresh food is an important part of building a fairer and more sustainable food system… that’s why we love positive projects like Thanks To Farmers!

British-farmingTo cries of “Fuel Britannia!“, six students from Plymouth University are running this campaign to get recognition for Britain’s hardworking farmers, to show people what farmers do for us – and simply to say, “thanks.”

Team leader Rufus explains that, “What originally started as a project for an enterprise challenge has grown into a fully blown, funded and heartfelt campaign to get farmers and their invaluable work noticed. Farmers work incredibly long hours, sometimes for very little reward or thanks, but without them the country simply wouldn’t function. We want to reintroduce the importance of farming to the British community, encouraging the public to appreciate the hard work that goes into fuelling Britain.”

So why not leave your thanks on their website, www.thankstofarmers.org and spread the word? It only takes a few seconds and the more voices they have, the louder the impact they can make!

To borrow a phrase from folk at Flavrbox, it’s all about “shaking the hand that feeds you!” :-)


For further ways to show your support for British farmers, see our Must Be British campaign. We launched this last year with our partner Growing Direct to spread support for British-grown food during the Olympics.

Photos used with permission from Thanks To Farmers.

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