The Founders

  • Amy Anslow

  • Ruth Anslow

  • Jack Simmonds

Meet Amy, Ruth and Jack

Sisters Ruth and Amy Anslow started HISBE in 2010, with a vision to reinvent the way  supermarkets do business, in order to transform the food industry. They were joined in 2013 by
HISBE’s third Director, Jack Simmonds and together the team launched the first HISBE store, in Brighton, on 7th December 2013.

Ruth, Amy and Jack have developed HISBE from a concept into an award-winning £2 million-pound social enterprise and they continue to run the company and work on the expansion
strategy together. Ruth leads on branding, marketing, communication, strategy and finance. Amy leads on replication, identifying new stores and collaboration opportunities. Jack leads on innovation for new retail ideas and upgrading stores and heads up the store operations and supply chain.