Social Enterprise

business for good

We’re more than a normal business. We’re a social enterprise. A Community Interest Company (CIC) doing business for good. Business beyond profits we call it.

We make a positive contribution to the local food system and the local economy. We’re all about making good food more accessible and affordable. We champion a fair and sustainable food industry, and we put customers, suppliers, and staff first.

Essentially, this means we have three bottoms. Known as the triple bottom line in business circles, our way of doing business encompasses people, planet, and profit. We buck regular supermarket convention by putting our money into our purpose – not into our pockets.

As a CIC, we are held to account. No fudging. Just facts. We have a clear social purpose set out in our governing documents. Transparent. Open. And certified by leading social enterprise organisations.

Our vision is to smash Britain’s out of date supermarket business model and reinvent a new kind. An independent chain of supermarkets powered by people, community spirit, and social enterprise.

We have been awarded the following certifications from Social Enterprise UK, Social Enterprise Mark, Ethical Consumer and the Living Wage campaign.

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